Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association

Peeblesshire Beekeepers provide a range of benefits for their members.

The association has its own apiary.

Honey Extraction EquipmentLarge Extractor

The association has two extractors and a heather honey press available for hire.

The large 9 frame radial extractor and the honey press can each be hired for £5.

The smaller tangential extractor can be hired for £3.

Honey buckets and filters may also be borrowed. Please return equipment promptly as other members may be wanting to use it.

The equipment must be returned in a clean condition.

For extractor hire contact Bruce Watson


Hive Carrierhivecarrier

The association has a hive carrier available for use by members.This two person carrier makes moving hives much easier.

To borrow the hive carrier contact Bruce Watson


Bee Suits

There are several beesuits and gloves available in a range of adult and child sizes that can be borrowed by members or guests.


Solar wax extractor

The association has a large capacity solar wax extractor that can be borrowed.

To borrow the extractor contact Bruce Watson


Observation Hive

The association has an observation hive that can be used as an exhibit at exhibitions or shows.

If you are interested in using the observation hive contact the secretary


Bulk Purchases

The association can arrange the bulk purchase of beekeeping supplies in order to obtain a discount for members. Occasionally items are also kept in stock.

If you want items purchased contact the treasurer.


Education and Training Courses

Information about obtaining the Basic Beemaster Certificate and the rest of the SBA education programme.

The association organises instruction in beekeeping on behalf of members. We usually run a beginners course in the spring. Other courses for more specialist subjects like queen rearing can be arranged on demand.

Several books are available to be borrowed.

If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping, contact the secretary.


Other Services

Please contact the secretary or treasurer if there are any items that members would like to have purchased, kept in stock or bought for hire, or if there are any other suggestions for services that could be provided for members.