Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association

Monthly Archive: April 2016

April – Beginners Classes


Starts 23rd APRIL 2016: £35.

An all-day session of theory and practical,

followed by supervised hands-on beekeeping through the year.

For £35 we offer the course, one year’s membership of Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association, and the opportunity to look after a hive of bees for a whole year at the Association apiary.

We will provide a mentor for you, so you can build on your skills throughout the year, and gain confidence.

We can lend all the equipment you’ll need – just bring boots and gloves!

For further information and an application form, contact:

Mandy Clydesdale, the PBKA Secretary via our website:

or call 01721 720 563 or Mob 07563 185 993.

April Jobs

Remove mouseguards – it’s still cold but the bees are active. However colonies will still be under strength, so reduce the size of the entrance so it’s easy to defend.

If it’s too cold for them to fly, check have enough stores, or out fondant on, then syrup as the weather warms up.


Apiary Meeting April

Informal chat about what’s happening at the association apiary and hopefully find some volunteers to help with any jobs that need doing.

Also if you have any ideas for the association or questions about beekeeping in general this will be a good place to get information from other beekeepers.

The meetings will be at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month in the back bar of the Neidpath Inn in Peebles.