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Monthly Archive: February 2016

February Meeting – Gavin Ramsay – Bee trade and the native honeybee

Gavin Ramsay: Scottish Beekeepers Association Bee Health Officer

Bee trade and the native honeybee

Gavin will talk about the old and modern trade in bees, the setting up of the Colonsay (“black bee”) reserve, the strains of bees that come in today and their effects on local bee populations.

He’ll look at the characters and the traits of different types of bees: and with an eye to the future will talk about starting a new society for supporters of the “dark bee”.

Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 7.30pm, Peebles Community Centre.

Apiary Update

Sunday 24th January

Mandy, Peter and Linda were at the association apiary on Sunday 24th January to do oxalic acid treatment.

The first hive (nearest the wall) was small but surviving. Oxalic acid trickle was done on about 4-5 seams of bees.

The second hive was a bit bigger and got a similar trickle treatment.

Sadly the middle hive, that has always been struggling with numbers, had died. The hive and contents were removed to be disinfected. The bees were not in a good enough state to be examined for disease but probably lack of numbers had caused this colony to fail.

The fourth hive when opened was rather too lively to do trickle treatment as the weather was rather mild. So the last two hives were not treated.

All the colonies were flying in the mild weather and all had adequate stores of fondant.


Sunday 7th February

David and Peter went to treat the remaining 2 hives with oxalic acid.

David brought his varrox vapouriser equipment, and the two (strongest) hives were treated by the oxalic acid sublimation method.

The weather was pretty wet but the treatment seemed to go ok.

The last hive had a new pack of fondant added as it had almost finished its pack.

The colonies treated 2 weeks ago showed a fair mite drop indicating that the trickle treatment had been working.


Jobs To Do

Anybody visiting the apiary should check the varroa floors for mite drop and make a note of the count on the record sheets.

New record sheets for each hive would be useful as many of them have now got damp!

Apiary Meeting February

Informal chat about what’s happening at the association apiary and hopefully find some volunteers to help with any jobs that need doing.

Also if you have any ideas for the association or questions about beekeeping in general this will be a good place to get information from other beekeepers.

The meetings will be at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month in the back bar of the Neidpath Inn in Peebles.