Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association

Native Bees

In June 2017 the Peebleshire Beekeepers Association (PBKA) launched a conservation project for Scotland’s native bee in the Borders.
Peeblesshire is thought to be a ‘hotspot’ for colonies of bees with a high percentage of black bee genetics within them. It is the hope of the PBKA that the project will help preserve black bees in the borders and contribute to the strengthening of their population.
The aim is to establish a breeding programme for local beekeepers who are interested in the hardy Apis mellifera mellifera. It will enable local beekeepers to obtain nucs or re-queen with Amm with a view to increase the Amm genetic components of their own colonies.
It is also the aim of the project to actively promote Scotland’s native honey bee, to create a ‘buzz’ locally about them, to engage the community and spread the word about why these bees are so special and what we can do to help.