Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association


Beginners Classes

PBKA usually runs a beginners class about once a year, according to demand.

Details of the next available course will be advertised here or contact the secretary for more information.

Other Beekeeping Classes

We also arrange a variety of specialist courses, often hosted at our own apiary.

Details of these will appear here or contact the secretary.


We should be able to put inexperienced beekeepers in touch with an experienced mentor. We have colonies of bees at our association apiary that we encourage beginners to help look after with the help of a mentor.


SBA Education

The Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA) runs an education programme to encourage all beekeepers to learn more about beekeeping.

Basic Beemaster

SBA qualifications are awarded starting with the Basic Beemaster Certificate. Assessment for this is done by a short practical examination carried out at the beekeepers apiary.

Everyone involved in beekeeping should try to obtain the Basic Beemaster qualification. It gives an idea of the minimum knowledge required for beginners. If all beekeepers in Scotland have a basic knowledge of their craft then bee stocks will be healthier as a result.

Here is a guide to the Basic Beemaster syllabus with study notes to help you:-
Basic Beemaster syllabus with study notes

Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Certificates

Beekeepers who have passed the Basic Beemaster exam can go on to take modular written exams or there are intermediate and advanced practical exams for experienced beekeepers.

The details of the SBA education program are on the SBA website.

Here are some past papers from the SBA Module exams to give you an idea of what is required for the module exams:-




If you want to find out more about taking any of the exams, contact the PBKA secretary or the SBA education convenor.